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Rocket yoga part 1

3 Jun 2012
First standing poses of Rocket yoga sequences.

Advance Vinyasa yoga sequence

7 Mar 2012

Rocket Yoga with Peg Mulqueen in Washington D.C.

7 Mar 2012
Rocket Yoga, developed by Larry Schultz, is a modified ashtanga sequence. The rocket I contains much the same order and seated postures as the primary series - as the rocket II contains much of the floor series of the second or intermediate.

Yoga teacher training in Thailand - Keep it real

5 Mar 2012
Jumping to astavakrasana. Check our website for more info about our yoga teacher training...

All Yoga teacher training in Thailand

20 Jan 2012
Trailer of our Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga teacher training in Thailand. All all for fun and Love :-) Visit our website for coming courses.

Yoga Arts Vinyasa Yoga Teacher training Thailand

18 Jan 2012
Yoga arts - Vinyasa yoga practice incorporating kungfu pose. Recorded in Thailand during our June 2010 yoga teacher training with Donovan F. Hicks.

Rocket Yoga Training

7 Jan 2012
Trailer for Rocket Yoga trainings in Thailand. Rocket courses followed usually our yoga teacher training to take the practice to the next step. This trailer is more for fun but you can have a glimpse on how we train :-) Shootages in Koh pagnan, Thailand.
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