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About Us - All Yoga Thailand

Our story and influence

All Yoga is the fruit of 5 years experience running yoga teacher trainings and certifying more than 300 successfull yoga teachers from all around the world.

Today, All Yoga is a worldwide community of Yoga practitioners and schools offering Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga Alliance Certification. We have locations throughout the world to serve our growing base of students that seek either to learn to be a yoga teacher or simply to deepen their own yoga practice.

All Yoga Thailand

Located in the beautiful southern islands of Thailand, All Yoga Thailand is the top destination for yoga aspirants from all over the world. As almost every month of the year we have 200hr and 300hr yoga teacher trainings in Koh Samui and Koh Phangan, we are one of the most active and successful yoga teacher training programs in South East Asia.

Proud to offer the highest quality of teaching and sharing our passion in yoga with our students, we emphasize on the proper technique, breathing and ethics of teaching and practicing yoga. The programs at All Yoga Thailand specifically cater to the individual needs of each student. Preserving the unique voice of each individual, our international faculty provides positive guidance and tools for every student in how to discover their own inner teaching voice.

It is our honor to be part of so many people’s yoga journey and continuously strive to pass on the light and wisdom of the Ashtanga tradition by spreading the passion and knowledge of yoga to others.

All Yoga Community

Teaching yoga is beyond the scope of work, it’s a lifestyle.

We strive to provide each student the necessary tools they would need to soar in their own yoga community.
At All Yoga community, we welcome graduates to come practice with us at all trainings and share their transformational stories with the others! 

The future of yoga starts here. We look forward to be part of your yoga journey!


All Yoga Thailand Team

Purpose Statement

To create a safe environment for students to explore, experience and learn conscious breathing & movement in an atmosphere of openness & fun. To bring a high level of respect, compassion and professionalism to each student. To teach the method of the All Yoga Vinyasa system by which students learn to empower themselves physically, mentally and spiritually.