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My Yoga Teaching Philosophy
Yoga Teaching Philosophy
“My teaching philosophy is influenced by Larry Schultz’s philosophy, and that of T. Krishnamacharya, who first revived yoga and said it should be modified to suit each practitioner, instead of being an unforgiving fixed path…
Through this teacher training, I’ve significantly deepened my understanding of yoga. I began to cultivate a brand new awareness of myself: of my inner spiritual self, of my mind chatter, of new muscles in my body. It was eye opening, and all I had to do was heighten my awareness – open my same eyes! I changed drastically, but stayed the same.
Yoga cultivates an awareness that allows us to rise above any suffering of the mind, which constantly arises from internal and external imbalances. The regular practice helped me see how achieving this union helps to connect with my inner self, leading to a sense of peace and happiness. I began to develop the connection between my mind, soul, and body and the universal…
I believe yoga has more benefits than any other health management system in the world, and aspire to educate others about how yoga is not just about exercises, but about the true union of the mind, body, and spirit. I want to inspire others to develop a regular practice, inspire them to embrace being disciplined and committed to furthering themselves along this path. Everyone deserves a chance to apply yoga to their lives by cultivating their own practice, to eventually, find true peace and happiness.”
Yoga Teaching Philosophy
-Ella Merjanova, Graduate of June 2010 Ashtanga Vinyasa Teacher Training
Yoga Teacher Training Testimonial

All for the love of Yoga

By Vanessa Stoessel

Yoga Teacher Training

For all those who are considering a Yoga Teacher Training – close your eyes and take the leap of faith. You will never look back. Here is my testament.

I was blessed with the opportunity to enroll in a 1 month Teacher Training hosted by All Yoga Thailand from February 15 to March 14 2010 on a paradise island in Thailand.

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On Meeting K. Pattabhi Jois: Larry’s Story

Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Master

When I look at the number of people that come through All Yoga, I smile thinking of how it started. I think back to the days when I knew little about yoga and Astanga was as foreign to me as life without it is now. Back then (almost twenty years ago), there was no world wide web so, unlike you, I had to resort to what now seems primitive – I picked a school out of the phone book. Call it serendipity, fate, luck or good karma, but through these very means I was able to find not only a good school but also the teacher who transformed my practice and by extension my life.

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Yoga Teacher Training Assignment: Teach Rugbymen!

As part of our yoga teacher training, students have to teach yoga class for beginners. We learn the best what we teach and practice. These practical assignment are very important to become a Yoga teacher. Our student needs to be fully ready to lead a class after the certification.

Last week, we had the chance to welcome a Rugby team to a Yoga initiation. They are more flexible that what we can think!

Teaching Yoga

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Rocket Workshop Testimonial

Rocket Yoga Practice

Larry Schultz brings his Rocket yoga teachings to Bangkok for the first time. He has been teaching yoga for 30 years and has influenced yoga practitioners around the world. As fellow yoga practitioners, we felt so lucky to have him here.

The workshop was aimed at introducing us to Rocket Yoga ,which is series of asanas drawn from Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga to renew energy and vitality throughout the body. This vibrant routine is called “the Rocket” because “it gets you there faster.”

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Rocket Yoga in Bangkok, Learning to Fly

Learning to Fly - Rocket Yoga Class in Bangkok

In the yoga history, there are only few figures who contributed to create Yoga as we know it now or “Power Yoga”.

This last week end, Bangkok gets the great chance to welcome one of the pioneers of modernYoga: Larry Schultz.

Larry has been teaching during 30 years and has influenced yoga students and teachers around the world. His strength and success comes from the 63,000 Sun Salutes, 9,000 classes and 142 yoga teacher trainings he has been a part of. He is also known as the Grateful Dead’s yoga teacher and travelled with the band for 3 years.

The workshop was aiming to introduce to Thai people the internationally acclaimed Rocket Yoga: an exciting series of poses drawn from Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga to renew energy and vitality throughout the body. This vibrant routine is called the“Rocket” because “it gets you there faster.”

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Being a Yoga Teacher, Larry’s Teaching Philosophy

Being a Yoga Teacher, Larry’s Teaching Philosophy

For this last lesson, I felt it would be appropriate to share with you something that I have developed over the last sixteen years and which I continue to revise, my statement of teaching philosophy. While it may take you some time to explore and define for yourself the kinds of beliefs and insights you wish to impart as you teach ashtanga yoga, you and your students will benefit greatly if you begin that journey as soon as possible. Remember, teaching yoga is not just about teaching physical movements, it is also about knowing how to guide people through their internal self-exploration.

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The Alchemy of Transformation

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga - The Alchemy of Transformation

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga brings clarity of purpose for the evolution of the authentic Self. Through consistent self study, a vast field of knowledge is revealed.

Yoga clears the path for a physical & mental metamorphosis to occur. Yoga is like wiping a mirror clean so one can see the authentic self. The physical melt down of the practice brings one to an obvious place of satisfaction and wellbeing.

However, the more important task is transcendence of the ego in order to experience true union with the divine. The transformation that we all seek is to live in present moment with consciousness awareness & intelligence.

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