Accommodation and Food in our Koh Phangan Retreat

Considered a destination jewel for travelers, Koh Phangan offers a tranquil atmosphere for yoga practitioners. Just a short boat ride away from the bustling beach parties, you’ll find your way in the secluded tri-bay area: Haad yuan, Haad Tien (E), and Haad Wai Nam. Conveniently, the three bays are interconnected and are within walking distance from each other. Along the way, you’ll pass by an array of accommodations & restaurants. From shared dormitories to exotic villa resorts, you ought to find something that’ll work within your budget!

As most places don’t offer reservations, best is to arrive at least 2 days before the teacher training.

On your arrival, we will welcome you and help you to find a suitable room!

Resort Overview

The Sanctuary Thailand

A peaceful niche for spiritual seekers, the Sanctuary carries ongoing workshops and offers detox, cleansing & fasting programs at their Wellness Centers. Adjoining to the resort is their luxurious spa that services massages, facials, and a herbal sauna. Famous for their health food menu, the Sanctuary offers some of the best vegetarian and raw vegan food on the bay. Here’s a great place to mingle with the other travelers.

Dormitory: $11 USD/night

The simplest and most basic option that The Sanctuary offers is an open dormitory space that fits up to 14 people, situated at the top of a jungle hill overlooking the ocean. A mattress, pillow, and mosquito net is included with the bathroom being shared between dorm members.
Bungalows: $22-$50 USD/night
 The rustic bungalows have comfortable beds, great views and easy access to the beach. Some have their own attached bathrooms while others are shared.
*These Dorms and Bungalows cannot booked on-line.
Beam Bungalow Resort
beam yoga thailand

Beam Bungalows is situated on a jungle hill above overlooking the ocean. It has a large restaurant, nice tropical gardens, beautiful views & easy access to the beach with a 5 minute walk to the Yoga House.


Dormitory: $8 USD/night
Great for backpackers and budget travelers! This dormitory is spacious, clean & very affordable. A double mattress, pillow and mosquito net is provided amongst an open spaced room that accommodates up to 20 people. A shared toilet and shower room is located just outside in the garden.

Budget Bungalows: $12 USD/night

These rustic bungalows have a double bed, ocean views, and a porch with a hammock and asian style squat toilets.
Mid Range Bungalows: $17-$20 USD/night
These newer and more spacious bungalows have a big double beds, a western style bathroom, a big deck with hammock and built in closets.

LoveLip resort

Right in the heart of Haad Tien Bay, Love Lip offers a true local Thai living experience. Probably has the best home-cooked Thai cuisine, Love Lip also offers ‘per kilo’ laundry service.

Dormitory: $5-$10USD/night

Great for backpackers and budget travelers. This dormitory accommodates up to 10 people. A twin mattress, pillow and mosquito net is provided. Shared toilet and bathrooms are just located at the back of the building.

Rustic Bungalows: $15 USD/night These bungalows have a double bed, toilet/shower, and a porch with a hammock.

The Food

Advanced Yoga Training Thailand

Food can be very inexpensive in this area, especially if you like local Thai cuisine. ($3-$10 USD/meal). There are also other choices such as raw/organic eatery and American-style bar food, though the prices would be more expensive. ($10-$30 USD/meal).

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