Frequently Asked Questions

& Information on our Teacher Trainings

About the course

What are the course requirements?

To be eligible for the course, we require at least 3 months of regular Yoga practice or similar fitness background. But most important for us is your dedication and open mind to learn new things and your commitment to improve the Yoga Practice.

How my typical day will looks like?

07:00 – 09:00 : Morning study (ie: pranayama, meditation)
09:00 – 09:15 : Break
09:15 – 11:30 : Asana practice
11:30 – 01:30 : Lunch break
13:30 – 15:30 : Lecture, group work
15:30 – 15:45 : Break
15:45 – 17:30 : Asana practice, study, or group work

Do we have day off?

We usually have a day off every 6 days.

What should I bring?

  • Yoga mats/towel 
Comfortable clothing for asana practice & meditation
  • Daily journal book
  • Blank note book
  • pen/highlighter

Suggested Supplies

  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Bathing suit
  • Beach towel
  • Flip-flops
  • Camera
  • Flashlight with battery
  • Alarm clock
  • Insect repellent
  • Medical prescriptions
  • Toiletries
  • Hand sanitizer

*all of the above is readily available in Thailand if you'd like to get these items here

About payments

How can I register for the course?

Fill out the online application form here: We would contact you through email once we receive the application.

How do I pay for the course?

There are two options for payment:

a) PayPal
Deposit can be pay via our website:
b) Bank Transfer
Contact us and we will email you the account details. * All payments should be net of any charges/fees.

When should I pay?

Once you've been accepted to the program, you can secure the space by paying a USD650 deposit. The remaining balance due must be paid 2 months before the start date of the course. If payment is not completed 4 weeks before start date, your spot will automatically be offered to someone on the waiting list.

What is your refund policy?

– All deposits are non-refundable. – In the unlikely event that the training is cancelled we will refund 100% of your payment or offer an alternate placement. All Yoga Thailand shall not to be held liable for flight costs or any other expenses. Refund for the remaining balance is as follow:

– Full refund (excluding deposit) if you cancel 4 months before start date.

– If cancel within 120 days of the course, no refund, but credit can be transferred to another All Yoga Thailand event. Credit is valid with no limit in time. Credit is valid with no limit in time.

Do you offer scholarship?

At the moment we don't offer scholarship. But if you are on budget, we offer free accommodation for early sign-ups ( first 10 registrations ) to all our courses in Koh Phangan.

About travel

Do I need a Visa to enter Thailand?

Please check with your embassy for all information.

My tourist visa is only 30 days valid – how can I extend?

There is no fine for overstaying by one day. After that, it's 500Baht (US$15) per day. The maximum overstay fine in Thailand is 20,000 Baht (~US$450). If you plan to stay for longer than 30+days, we recommend getting a 60days visa in your home country before leaving. Consult your local Thai embassy for more information

How much money should I bring?

Things are very inexpensive in Thailand. You can budget between $15-40USD/day for food and $15-25USD/day for accommodation. Do remember the closest ATMs are on Haad Rin Bay. Restaurants and accommodations do not take credit cards/debit cards. Thus we recommend you bring enough cash at least for a week and you can go to Haad Rin on the weekend to exchange money.

Can my partner/family join me if he/she is not attending the course?

Definitely. There are plenty of bungalows rental for couples on the bay. While you're at the training, he/she can enjoy the activities happening on the bay or take a short day trip to nearby parts of the island.

Can I come early or stay longer after?

Of course! We highly recommend students to come a few days earlier to secure their accommodations. You're welcome to come before or stay after the course date.

I've never been to Thailand, is it safe to travel there?

Thailand is a very safe country. Local Thai people are always friendly and peaceful. Tourism is a booming industry in Thailand, you'll find most people speak English and are very helpful to travelers.

What are the health precautions I should take before coming?

It's best to check what kind of vaccines you should take before coming. There are pharmacies on Haad Rin Bay selling common over the counter medicines. For more information please visit Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or contact your local travel clinics.

How do I reach your center?

Check the detailed direction in our page location and direction.

About Thailand

General Information


In Thailand the head is considered to be the most revered and honoured part of the body and the feet are despised. Using your feet to point to anything or touching people on the head, even children, is considered disrespectful.


The local currency is the Thai Baht and it is the only currency that is excepted in most establishments. You can exchange cash, traveler's cheques, and use your debit card and visa in Haad Rin through ATM's, exchange centers, and banks. There are no banks/ATMs on Haad Tien/Haad Yuen area.


The local language is Thai. There are also many people from Burma living on the island and can only speak Burmese. You might find it puzzling when they don't understand when you greet them in Thai.


The Sanctuary is the only restaurant offering Wifi service in Haad Tien Bay. You can purchase wireless date package at the reception desk. On Haad Yuen beach, there's the Big Blue Internet. You can also do printing and photo copying there. The nearest post office is in Haad Rin.

Travel & Medical Insurance

No Health Documents are required to enter Thailand but medical & travel insurance is recommended. For vaccines and drug prescriptions, please check in with your local travel clinic before departure. Pharmacies and clinics are available in the near by Haad Rin Bay should you need any medical supplies. The medical facilities are excellent and of high standards in Thailand. Additional info on

Any things I should know?

Always carry toilet paper/tissue and hand sanitizer with you. This will be handy as some washroom facilities do not provide toilet paper. In a lot of the Thai style washroom facilities (squat toilet), you will see a water hose or bucket with water. It is for you to flush the toilet, and toilet paper is kept in a waste basket. You can get your laundry done on the island for approx. 50 Baht/kg. A photo-copy of your passport should be made and kept separate from your money and credit cards.