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All Yoga Thailand teacher training review

Terra Meenam – USA – October 2014 Yoga Teacher Training

This has honestly been such an amazing experience. The course was challenging at times but definitely pushed me to my full potential. I really enjoyed each of the trainers unique style. I can feel that I am physically and mentally stronger from just 24 days of this course. I will continue to grow fro it and use the tools givcen to me to better my practice. I look forward to sharing my knowledge gained here at All Yoga Thailand with future students and friends. Definitely one of the best choices I have made, the course beat my expectations.

All Yoga Thailand review

Juan Carlos Ruiz – USA – October 2014 Yoga Teacher Training

As a guy, it’s not easy to come into a yoga teacher training where women predominantly are the majority. However, the team and the group made me feel so welcome and comfortable that I forgot all about my fears. All the teachers brought out in me skills I never thought or knew I had. They all pushed me to my edge  to find the better me and believed in me. It’s been an experience I’llnever forget. A the beginning, I didn’t know if I wanted to teach, but after the course I have no doubt in my mind that I want to teach yoga and touch people’s lives they way the teachers touched mine. I know the skills and lessons I learned not only applies to yoga but also the way I’ll live my life. I am very grateful to have found All Yoga Thailand to do my training. I love you guys and you all will be my inspiration in my journey! Thanks for everything!

Yoga Teacher training in Thailand

Gemma Garau – Italy – October 2014 Yoga Teacher Training

The training was a mind and heart opening experience. It was a comprehensive yoga course with teachers who were also friends. I felt like at home. Annie, David, Vari and the other teachers were full of energy and passion. I knew right away it was the right place for me. Overall I had a great experience, great start for the beginning. Thank you for sharing this journey with me. I now go home stronger and wiser.

All Yoga Thailand review

Stacey Howe – UK – October 2014 Yoga Teacher Training

The training was well put together, well executed and gave me the confidence to walk away as a yoga instructor. The experience has opened my mind to every aspect of yoga taught and allowed me to see myself in a new and improved light. The general experience has been one that I will never forget, will cherish and will probably bore my kids in years to come. Thanks All Yoga!

Yoga Teacher training Thailand review 2015

Chantel – South Africa – August 2014 Yoga Teacher Training

It has been an amazing experience. I feel that by having different kind of teachers with their own flair was great! I couldn’t’ believe that I could start teaching on Day 10. Great people and great yoga! Loved it!

Yoga Thailand Training review

Emily Giles – Canada – August 2014 Yoga Teacher Training

Thank you All Yoga for everything! All the hard work was very appreciated & admired! I really enjoyed my time here, meeting great people from all over the world. I loved it when I challenged myself physically and mentally every single day. I am already looking forward to my next journey ahead. I will miss Annie’s yin class (soothing/kind voice & words), Vari’s teaching and clothing style! David’s handstand advice, Edson’s Rocket classes and great music and Wendy’s smile and kindness! Thank you all!  

Yoga Teacher Training Thailand testimonial

Natalie – USA – August 2014 Yoga Teacher Training

All Yoga yoga teacher training was a journey of a life time. I knew that a 200hr course on a tropical island with people from all over the world would be an unforgettable experience and it certainly was. It was challenging and demanding on every dimension: body, mind & soul. There were days my body didn’t want to get on the mat. There were days my mind didn’t want to arrive. But when we all arrive in the shala at the break of dawn, everything was pushed aside. They say yoga is a journey to the self… though the self and what a trip this has been. Thank you to all the teachers for your hard work and dedication.

All Yoga Thailand Training review

Itzi – Mexico – August 2014 Yoga Teacher Training

For me this experience was a total challenge in my life in all aspects: food, language, surrounding and to be alone for the first time traveling in my life. However, now that I finished the course, I felt so different as this experience had helped me to understand more than yoga. It helped me to look within myself. I now feel stronger and appreciate what I have in my life.