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Maria - Australia - April 2014 Yoga Teacher Training

Great experience and what an amazing place to hold the course. My transformation was learning about myself, discipline and appreciating my life back home more! Most challenging for me was the weather and keeping up & not giving up until the end of the course. The teachers were great and always focused on everyone being equal- all sharing and learning from one another. Annie and David are amazing!


Laura Dalrymple - Canada/Thailand - April 2014 Yoga Teacher Training

I learned that yoga can bring so much to other parts of your life. This must be the best TT team ever! I really loved what each teacher brought to the course. You all inspire me, thanks!


Elina Rossi - Finland - April 2014 Yoga Teacher Training

The first week was the hardest as there was different time zone and adjusting to the traveling.

The training was great as there were many teachers with different training styles. The teachers were very friendly and supportive. Thank you All Yoga!


Dianalis - Estonia - April 2014 Yoga Teacher Training

The course was intense and amazing t the same time. First of all I would like to thank you for putting this course together and including different teachers. Secondly I would like to thank my body for going through the training. I feel this is the time when my real yoga practice starts after leaving this yoga shala. With the knowledge that I obtained through hard work and lots of sweat! I appreciate all of your effort and energy All Yoga team had put forth. It had been the most challenging and fun course ever! For a new beginning and lifelong practice!