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Valeria Grillenzoni - Italy - April 2014 Yoga Teacher Training

I really enjoyed this training it was an amazing experience Intense, rich, challenging sometime very frustrating... But our experienced and enthusiast teachers gave us the right physical and mental tools and support to overcome understand and enjoy the experience of AsHtanga vinyasa yoga. From the beginning they set a positive and professional environment and stayed consistent all along the training. Never too rigid but strict enough to respect the curriculum and make sure we will get the most of this training. It had a very positive impact on the group who became very close supportive and always willing to learn more. And for sure we learnt a lot. The training was well structured and organized covering many aspects of yoga. Not only asanas and practice but also pranayama meditation asana methodology workshops introduction to yoga philosophy and ayurveda. Introducing right from day 10 the teaching part was very helpful to make us more confident and be ready for the final evaluation and go home more secure about our teaching abilities. I enjoyed every moment of this training in the beautiful setting of Had Tian. From sunrise to sunset I felt really alive and reconnected with the true me. Thanks to all of you for taking me in this beautiful journey...


Raquel - Germany - April 2014 Yoga Teacher Training

I feel blessed to have experienced this course. All of the teachers contributed in their own very unique way to the very encouraging and pleasant learning environment of this course. I appreciated that it was explained why keeping up with a self-practice is the most important thing for a yoga teacher. This gave me the confidence to teach. Although the schedule was tight, I did not have the feeling of an overloaded curriculum. Everything offered to learn made sense and was put into context. By this, it became clear why we needed to learn all this information! I discovered the spiritual side of yoga, which was presented very pragmatically-which I very much appreciated. I feel like a transformation started, though I couldn’t explain it but I realized a lot about my own life. All of the teachers were great- Thank you so much, the course definitely changed my life!


Dianalis - Estonia - April 2014 Yoga Teacher Training

The course was intense and amazing t the same time. First of all I would like to thank you for putting this course together and including different teachers. Secondly I would like to thank my body for going through the training. I feel this is the time when my real yoga practice starts after leaving this yoga shala. With the knowledge that I obtained through hard work and lots of sweat! I appreciate all of your effort and energy All Yoga team had put forth. It had been the most challenging and fun course ever! For a new beginning and lifelong practice!


Josh Marsland - USA - April 2014 Yoga Teacher Training

I loved all of my teachers. They were knowledgeable, admirable, personal, approachable, warm-hearted, caring and all different in their own ways. I didn’t feel it was a student to teacher environment but more of a humble approach sharing and learning relationship. I came here with the intention of finding my voice, healing, being open and learning for life. I wanted to know what the 8-limbs were and I now know that I have so much to practice. I have learned as a student to never stop learning. All Yoga has given me such a great foundation to teach upon and a confidence that will only improve as my self-practice becomes more profound.


Maria - Australia - April 2014 Yoga Teacher Training

Great experience and what an amazing place to hold the course. My transformation was learning about myself, discipline and appreciating my life back home more! Most challenging for me was the weather and keeping up & not giving up until the end of the course. The teachers were great and always focused on everyone being equal- all sharing and learning from one another. Annie and David are amazing!


Barbara - April 2014 Yoga Teacher Training

I personally enjoyed the course very much. If I could only change is the morning coffee time (but then it’s more about Beam Bungalow opening time…J ) Annie was amazing with interesting ways of explaining anatomy. Also I admired the patience and 100% cooperation of all 4 teachers. I found all of the teachers very inspiring and full of passion for yoga and also very professional. I loved the variety of classes and the ways the teachers made the classes interesting. Great team work between teachers and students. Location here is wonderful. I found peace in the jungle. I loved the food, beach and nearby shopping. Thank you All Yoga team!


Elena - Russia - April 2014 Yoga Teacher Training

I know it says training but I didn’t feel like it was but more like a new discovery every day. I never felt stressed or under pressure despite the amount of information was given to us. Every class we had-practicing, yoga philosophy, anatomy, yoga sutras- was so interesting, captivated and so well-organized that I just wanted to learn more. My favorite part of this course was my teachers! I feel so lucky to have chosen this TT. Each one of the teachers were already a great teacher, person & yogi but together they built an amazing team! Absolutely! Thank you for the hard work. Our yoga philosophy Ram brought the experience to a even higher more spiritual level. Thank you for keeping quizzes and homework light and manageable. It was a perfect balance between studying and having some time to absorb all the material. I love how All Yoga included different styles of yoga in addition to Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Finally I absolutely loved the workshops! Inversions, pre/post natal, backbends..etc It was my favorite thing. It was so much fun and informative! Most importantly for me, I left this training feeling ready to teach on my own and able to have my own self-practice. All Yoga teaching team, you made it possible! I feel very confident and happy! Thank you!


Torunn - April 2014 Yoga Teacher Training

First of all I am very satisfied with this training! I did a lot of research and from the website I got a very good impression! I especially liked the first day when the first thing we did was to start with Full Primary. It set the tone for the rest of the training- focus and work hard! It was during that first practice, I knew I chose the right TT! The teachers were all very different-both in personality and skills that complimented each other. All Yoga consists of a beautiful blend of high quality teachers!


Laura Dalrymple - Canada/Thailand - April 2014 Yoga Teacher Training

I learned that yoga can bring so much to other parts of your life. This must be the best TT team ever! I really loved what each teacher brought to the course. You all inspire me, thanks!


Tara Pollard - Canada - April 2014 Yoga Teacher Training

I wasn’t sure what to expect and was so surprised and happy to know that all levels came together with the same goal. There was always assistance in asana classes. I enjoyed the anatomy very much as it directly relates to the body. The course is tough in the best way, to bring your mind and body into a yogic practice. Leaving here I feel ready both mentally and physically to go forward in life and with my yoga practice. My self-practice developed and changed dramatically. The most challenging would probably be the body’s readiness to endure the extended yoga practice, and the mind to let go, absorb and be in the now. I would recommend anyone to this course with Annie, David and their team. Not only for the goal to become a yoga teacher but also to expand your yoga life and self-practice for yourself.


Avery Voisin - Canada - April 2014 Yoga Teacher Training

I couldn’t be happier choosing All Yoga Thailand. The 200hr tt was so comprehensive and covered all aspects of being a yoga teacher. I learned about the roots of yoga. In addition to studying the traditional lineage of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, I also learned about how to apply this knowledge to when I start teaching yoga on a day to day basis. All Yoga has it all if you want to become a yoga teacher or just want to deepen your own practice! Much love.


David Adame Diaz - Spain - April 2014 Yoga Teacher Training

My 200-hr was a unique and transformational experience. This professional training provided me the necessary tools to start my yoga journey. The yoga teachers shared their knowledge and passion with us. Overall, the teachers were very professional, the training covered up to date material for teaching yoga and all of them shown lots of passion and motivated us every single day. They have filled my body, mind and spirit with the best yogi tools! I’m now more than ready to continue on my yoga journey!


Elina Rossi - Finland - April 2014 Yoga Teacher Training

The first week was the hardest as there was different time zone and adjusting to the traveling.

The training was great as there were many teachers with different training styles. The teachers were very friendly and supportive. Thank you All Yoga!


Melanie Thompson - UK - April 2014 Yoga Teacher Training

The training is extremely well balanced with physical, spiritual and philosophical forms of yoga teacher training. There is a big focus on self-practice that helps you learn..

about your body and the teacher within you. This TT has given me a more open-minded and humble approach to teaching others. My most challenging experience was to let go of my ego and competitive nature and truly focus on myself.


Steve ByWater - UK - February 2014 Yoga Teacher Training

Well done - if you're reading this then you've already found an amazing teacher training - book this now and smile knowing that you're about to take an incredible journey.

There are many things to say about this exceptional training, but three things that stand out are the intensive time-scales (compressed into less than four weeks; meaning you can fit more into your vacation), the perfect location (Koh Phangan has been a Mecca for chilled yogis and party people for the last 20 years) and the great teachers (All Yoga work with an unrivaled team of professional and experienced teachers from mixed disciplines). Be warned - the intensive time-frame and training will test your mettle - but the experience and results will literally change your life.


Marieke Vliegen - Netherlands - February 2014 Yoga Teacher Training

Thankful and grateful do I look back on the experience I shared the All Yoga February faculty and group. It was great to learn from the teachers in a safe and open atmosphere. Never imagined I could learn so much on so many different levels in just 3 weeks.

It was great to learn from the diverse team they put together and share the energy. I'm very happy with the broad subjects they touched which made me more aware of what interests me so I can start exploring more and really start my journey! Looking forward to create more great memories in the future :)


Sophie Cohen - USA - February 2014 Yoga Teacher Training

When I first signed up for this course I thought it would be just about asana. What I have received has been so much more and I can't thank all my teachers at All Yoga enough for helping me discover what really makes me happy. YOGA!

Ines (Germany):
It was one of the best things I've ever done in my life. It was life changing for me. I feel more calm and feel very confident. I'm a yoga teacher now! :-)


Eszter Sule - UK - February 2014 Yoga Teacher Training

The training has been very professionally run by all the teachers. Also the booking before the training was very professional too. All emails and questions before and during the training were fully answered. All yoga classes and lectures were very enjoyable. Teachers were very good and knowledgeable and happy to pass this into everyone.

I am very happy for the opportunity to have done the yoga course with All Yoga Thailand. I have learned so much about myself in the last 25 days.
I'm managing my energies better and my mind is calmer.
It's definitely a life changing experience with 24 new friends!


Meera Shah - Kenya - February 2014 Yoga Teacher Training

The training has been a fantastic experience from the beginning to the end. I came here with no expectations and leaving with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Despite all the emotional up's and down's and physical challenges it forces you to embrace limitations and try face things with an open mind. Been an amazing experience!


Lorelei Water-Huss - Canada - February 2014 Yoga Teacher Training

The course was inspirational. My asana practice has grown in my level of confidence. I feel more competent in my own personal practice as well as instructing & adjusting poses.Spiritually I feel I have expanded in so many ways and on so many levels.

Seeing and understandign what I have created in my past and present life I know moving on as an observer I will continue to grow and lead others in helping them find a path that will be right for them. Thank you for such an incredible learning environment you have created.


Ashleigh Dugdale - South Africa - February 2014 Yoga Teacher Training

I have learned in the few weeks here that living in the present is something I would like to implement in order to stop striving for goals or achievements.

Every day of the past month has been a challenge and a lesson all in the same. The people I have met and the stories we have shared have set me well on my personal journey to just simply being existing, learning and teaching. My eyes have been opened, my heart softened and my soul awakened. Thank you All Yoga for the ups, downs and everything in between.


Lauren Hart - Canada - Febuary 2013 Yoga Teacher Training

3 weeks ago I could have never imagined the amount of growth this program would introduce me to, the amount of strangers that would become family, and the depth of which I would fall deeper in love with yoga as a whole.

Each staff member brought a unique element to the course- Annie was always so approachable and organized, David keeping everything lighthearted and positive, Nina being such a strong, knowledgeable force in the classroom and Vari helping everyone into poses they could have never imagined, always motivating and grounding. The teachers all have methods I will incorporate into my own teaching style. I couldn't picture a more fun group of students to be in this training with-most of us are already planning the next time we will meet. :) I am thankful to have started my teaching journey in such a constructive and accepting place-not to mention BEAUTIFUL ocean view. Although yoga is partly about non-attachments, I am truly sad to leave this place...until next time.


Celin Ri - Netherlands - September 2013 Yoga Teacher Training

Thank you for such an interesting month. I have taken my Ashtanga practice to a higher level and feel stronger inside. Although it has been super challenging both physically and mentally,

I am so happy I have had this experience! This is really a quality yoga teacher training that gives you the skills to teach confidently. Again thank you!


Kylie Klenoski - USA - September 2013 Yoga Teacher Training

An absolutely amazing experience! The course was well organized and the content was presented in an effective manner. The days were busy and the practices were hard. This not only improved my understanding of yoga but also taught me balance, devotion and compassion for myself and others. The teaching certification is a bonus compared to the transformation I witnessed within myself.

In 23 days, I've developed skills to take with me the rest of my life and gained the knowledge and confidence to teach a yoga class...Amazing! At times, it was difficult to let go of my old habits and patterns but when I saw the possibilities of a future of inner peace, self-acceptance and unconditional love..there was no turning back! A complete cleansing of the soul!! Thank you!


Justyna Jaroszek - Poland - February 2014 Yoga Teacher Training

All Yoga training made me believe in what I do and why I want to be a teacher of yoga. Thanks to you my dream come true. This experience filled me with light, which I want to bestow upon others as a teacher of yoga. All Yoga Teacher Training has changed my life and looking at a lot of things .. opened my heart to others, enhanced my sensitivity... now superbly hear my inner voice..

All Yoga training made me believe in what I do and why I want to be a teacher of yoga. Thanks to you my dream come true. This experience filled me with light, which I want to bestow upon others as a teacher of yoga.
All Yoga Teacher Training has changed my life and looking at a lot of things .. opened my heart to others, enhanced my sensitivity... now superbly hear my inner voice..
Sometimes I'd been tired, but it was the best experience fatigue suffered by my body...Over time, do not look at it as a challenge ... it was a look in the mirror and see the true self, and that I am able to do more than think.
Practicing yoga with teachers so wonderful it's an honor, thank you for that you divide with me your knowledge and bestowed warmth and understanding.



Karolina - New Zealand - September 2013 Yoga Teacher Training

This training was amazing journey on my yoga path. IT opened different view to my yoga practice. I feel stronger and more in control of my mind by first controlling and understanding the breathing.

At the beginning yoga teaching feels frightening, but with the time will become enjoyable. Being able to share the joy of yoga with the students. The most challenging was to make the breathing even and rhythmic and also to synchronize with the movement.



Eugenia (Jenny) - Greece - September 2013 Yoga Teacher Training

The training taught me a lot more than just where to put my feet on the mat. It taught me about myself and my body. IT showed me how to see and listen to myself, accept any limitations and weakness.

How to overcome them and grow. It taught me patience and love.



Xu Xiao - China - September 2013 Yoga Teacher Training

It’s a milestone in life. Apart from the asana progress during those 24 days, I also experience the inner peace in my mind; I’ve been looking for it for so long.




Elsa Le Roux - South Africa - July 2013 Yoga Teacher Training

It was a life changing experience. The training was personally one of the best things that happened to me. The teachers are truly inspirational and they helped me so much during this course. I will keep their voices with me and take it everywhere I go.

Not just about lessons and yoga, but also how you should present yourself as a teacher. They will always be my gurus. My transformation was to really understand what yoga is all about. I feel excited but very humble and grateful to be able to complete this course. Namaste


Lucy Desmond - Australia - July 2013 Yoga Teacher Training

The mental and physical transformation that I have experienced over the duration at this course cannot be put into words. I arrived extremely anxious and I am leaving stronger, fitter, more confident in myself and with 21 new friends.

The teachers bring lightness and laughter to the course but have also taught me self-discipline and how to listen to my body rather than my ego or mind. This journey has been emotional, physically exhausting and at times extremely difficult to wake up in the morning for a new day of hard work. If you feel ready to sweat more than you ever have, to take your personal yoga practice to new heights and to meet some of the most fascinating, kind, thoughtful, intriguing and loving people, then this course is for you! Highly recommended!



Amanda McKay - Canada - July 2013 Yoga Teacher Training

Wow! What an amazing, life altering experience. I came to be a better teacher for my students but did not expect to become a better person. I feel more grounded, calmer, move in touch with myself than I ever have.

Even though I found the meditation very challenging, the practices allowed me to focus my mind and strip away all the junk. Just me, my breath & my mat. Lovely! That connection will allow me eventually to find my connection with meditation. I am not there yet, but see it on the horizon! Thank you my teachers for sharing your knowledge and wisdom. It will have long-lasting effects in my life!



Derik Ramirez - Mexico - July 2013 Yoga Teacher Training

The quality of the teachings and knowledge of the teachers were what impressed me the most. From day one, I witnessed many physical transformations but the most importantly are the ones you witness on the inside.

These transformations are hard to come by. The most challenging aspect of the training was not the self practice, the asana study…The most challenging aspect is to say goodbye to such a wonderful group of people!



Tamsine Ripper - Australia - July 2013 Yoga Teacher Training

This is the training that I wanted as I felt I was needing a challenge. This course is challenging! The location, accommodation, shala are all amazing and give you the jungle experience.

I transformed physically and mentally with such a strong daily routine that demands your attention. Seeing the yoga teacher appears in myself and my classmates are so rewarding after all the effort. The theory part challenged me the most! But as the saying goes…99% practice and 1 % theory!



Alicia - Spain - April 2013 Yoga Teacher Training

It was a life transforming experience. I am very grateful for the wonderful teachers that we had during our course. Ricardo and Joy are great professionals and they bring so much passion and knowledge to every single class. They have so much dedication and love for yoga.

I also appreciate David and Annie for their help during the practices and their helpful advices. The most challenging thing for me was the heat and the psychological part of the training It was hard to overcome so many emotions and still perform during the practice. In general, It was one of the best experiences in my life!



Jenn - Canada - April 2013 Yoga Teacher Training

This course was an amazing experience for me. It was really safe place to learn and share experience. Everyone becomes a little family so quickly and we all grew together. I really enjoyed the teaching styles of Joy and Ricardo, with their encouragement and support I was able to transform and find my inner teacher.

I really learned to not doug myself all of the answers are from within. I am extremely excited to have my yoga certification. Being in this program gave me a lot more confidence as a teacher ad I can't wait to go back home and share my knowledge!



Marie - Germany - April 2013 Yoga Teacher Training

To be part of this yoga teacher training makes me very grateful. The experience of the last 24 days were very intense and started a progress of growth within me. While the training challenge my mind and body in different way every single day.

I've overcame emotions of doubt and fear and enjoyed the blissful state of euphoria when I discovered that there's no doubts when I just stay in the moment. Our practices everyday were both my favorite and challenging part of the course.

I discovered so much strength and beauty within myself by letting go of any negative thoughts. I am grateful to be taught by such patient and wonderful teachers in this serene environment.



Carolina - Chile - April 2013 Yoga Teacher Training

I'm very happy with this teaching course. The location is great and the quality of education was so much better than I thought I could be. The training practices were really good, learning new practices has make me feel that I have more to achieve and this is only the starting point.


Holly - Canada - April 2013 Yoga Teacher Training

I became so close with all the people in the group. I will leave with a new love for myself and many new friends. Thank you to Joy and Ricardo for sharing all your knowledge and guiding me through this great experience.

I have learned to accept myself and embrace the differences in others! Much love~



Alexis - Canada - April 2013 Yoga Teacher Training

This was an incredible experience, I met people from all around the world with different backgrounds. I'm proud to say I accomplished this training and am excited to move forward as a yoga teacher.

The most challenging thing was to offer different modifications for different students. I need to think quick on my toes. Overall, I'm very excited to embark on my yoga journey and very grateful for All Yoga Thailand to help me discovering the teacher within me!



Crystal Gui - Singapore - April 2013 Yoga Teacher Training

This training was enriching, It made me more aware about myself and gave me the tools to be a teacher. I noticed the strength I had within me. It feels good to guide students and get them to find out what modifications and postures work for them.

The most challenging aspect of this course were to be so remote and doing this course during the hottest time of the year. I thank everyone part of this course and my teachers for making this an unforgettable experience.



Els - February 2013 Yoga Teacher Training

Joy & Ricardo are very experienced and inspiring teachers. They have put their heart and soul into this training. I liked the variety: practicing everyday, several times a day combined with detailed information about the asanas, adjustments, etc. We have learnt so much in these 24 days.

Not only my body feels stronger through Rocket training and daily practice but also more importantly the connection between my breath and mind is stronger. Teaching others in this training has improved my confidence to teach back home. Thank you very much!



Kim - February 2013 Yoga Teacher Training

This training has truly been a life changing experience I am now so aware of both my body and mind and have learnt things about myself that I would have never without this training. Whilst I am now physically stronger, I am more proud of how much stronger I am mentally.

The most challenging part was listening to my inner voice and teaching myself how to be my inner teacher This course has changed my life for the better and I am so thankful!



Henrik - February 2013 Yoga Teacher Training

Finally I learned what breathing is about. This course really channel my life. It opened my eyes to totally new things. I'm so glad that I took this course. I have learned so much about myself and also about yoga. The course is intense and you have to put a lot of energy into it. But that is good because then you learn and understand more.

I'm also glad that this course is held at a remote location, then you can focus on the course and not get distracted by other things. I highly recommend this course to everyone. This is a life changing experience! Namaste.



Lonnie - February 2013 Yoga Teacher Training

I like how strong I feel. I like how healthy body mind and spirit I feel. I like the practice space, I like the island and the beach and the people. I like that Joy and Ricardo have taught me so much about a wonderful practice that is for sure gonna be with me for my whole life. I am so excited about that.

Even with the new meditation techniques and praynayama breathe technique I lie sleepless in my bed with a smile on my face in anticipation to share my new skills.



Stella Han - November 2012 Yoga Teacher Training

The training was challenging and achievable at the same time. The teachers were informative and tried their best to provide a quality experience with the diverse conditions they had. When I began this program my knowledge was not profound nor deep I was very much a beginner. But now I can claim that I am a teacher as i feel awakened now.

Although I may not have all the knowledge as a ten year yoga instructor, but I know how to attain the knowledge that I need to develop myself into a more honest and inspiring teacher. My philosophical understanding was deepened during this practice. I feel very transformed and inspired from this program. This teacher training program solidified my belief and passion to be a yoga practitioner. My challenges are being truthful with my daily practice and being able to maintain a truthful and honest practice.



Oranuch Uantrai - November 2012 Yoga Teacher Training

This is by far the most challenging moment in my life. I have grown so much from this training. Many unexpected situations appeared and we have to find the ways to cope with them. With positive attitude, we can achieve anything in life. I feel blessed to be in this moment and appreciated everything that happened in this training.

We all came from different parts of the world, different cultures, and different backgrounds and languages. In the end, we broke our barriers and enjoyed each other very much!



Pollina Tam Wai Lin - November 2012 Yoga Teacher Training

I got so much more than expected! I practiced yoga for two years and here I found that was not yoga I did! This course opened up my mind and developed my grace in yoga. Good memories made. Our teachers Joy, Ricardo, and David spent a lot of effort to draw our interest in the topics.

We all came from different parts of the world, different cultures, and different backgrounds and languages. In the end, we broke our barriers and enjoyed each other very much!



Veen - November 2012 Yoga Teacher Training

I like the most form this TTC is Bandhas. My personal experience about this training was I enjoyed every moment! Teachers were friendly and everyone shared the love like they had known each other for a long time. From deep inside of me, I feet I have gained lots of positive energy and to be a yoga teacher, I'm happy to share my knowledge with others. Namaste: we are One.


Teresa Hong - November 2012 Yoga Teacher Training

I found All Yoga Training to be a wonderful experience. I learned about all different aspects of Ashtanga Yoga and the origin. Although I do know the learning is jus the beginning I feel the organization is well structured and Joy and Ricardo are very knowledgable, attentive, and professional I am excited to continue my learning and exploration with Ashtanga Yoga and myself as an instructor.

I feel like I chose the right place for my foundation. I feel all was a bit challenging, but this is what I came for.



Wendy Chan - November 2012 Yoga Teacher Training

The training challenged me to push myself and overcame my fear. The instructors, Ricardo and Joy, impacted valuable skills and knowledge, both for self-practice and teaching. Not only have I gained knowledge for teaching, but also learnt a lot for my own practice.

The environmental challenges were tough, but it made me stronger and appreciate what I have in my life. Thank you, especially to Ricardo and Joy, who showed such great love and support to all of us throughout the training! :)



Clare Dowding - November 2012 Yoga Teacher Training

To walk into training like this requires, discipline, motivation and is sure to peel back the layers. But with the support and guidance from our teachers the things I have learnt about you and about myself has been a truly special journey. I am leaving the training with a head full of knowledge and the desire to learn more and a stronger more confident person has emerged. Thank you very much!


Billie - November 2012 Yoga Teacher Training

This experience opened my eyes to many things, self, others and the environment in which we choose to live. Although I was challenged I was able to seek strength inside myself and enlighten my vision of the world in relation to my inner being.


Laura Levitt  - October 2012 Yoga Teacher Training

David….An incredible teacher, coordinator, facilitator and more. He kept everyone’s health and happiness in check. His energy and warm spirit helped everyone to enjoy and connect with one another as this training. He goes alone and beyond his job to make sure all needs are met and truly helped me during unexpected medical and health emergencies during my time in the training at koh phangan. Many thanks david.

Joy..Ricardo….The most passionate, honest and hard-walking yoga teachers. They love what they do and have such a deep love for yoga that it’s felt at every moment during the training. They walk the walk and live time to themselves and the yoga way of life. They make each student ,including myself a more honest and real individual and give us so much more than the basic techniques to become a certified yoga teacher. They teach us the importance of sharing yoga from our hearts and how to be the best teacher we can be at any given moment. I am walking away from this training more pleased than I ever expected. We cloud not have had a better experience without these amazing teachers. Their insight and knowledge passed along through are training is forever valuable. I learned more about myself, yoga, yoga teaching knowledge than ever thought possible within 24 days. They are truly meant to facilitate teacher trainings and share their love and knowledge to other.

Deep respect, gratitude and love



Melissa Sauda  - October 2012 Yoga Teacher Training

The All yoga teacher training is an experience that changed me forever. When I signed up I wasn’t sure I even wanted to be a teacher and yoga to me was a great moment. Now not only do I feel prepared to teach and excited to teach, my understanding of myself. Something drew me to All yoga and I am forever grateful I followed that little voice that said to go.


Kate Bradbury  - October 2012 Yoga Teacher Training

Life changing! What an amazing exciting emotional energizing strong training. wonderful 24 days. I am transformed physically, mentally and most importantly spiritually . All Yoga has created something spectacular . I will be forever grateful and especially for Joy and Ricardo, who, with their wisdom, kindness, true inner power prove to be some of the best teachers I have ever come across. The most challenging past for one was learning to let go and accept, every day every moment I am stronger for it. Thank you



Marie Boisvert - October 2012 Yoga Teacher Training

An experience I will never forget. I found the All Yoga system has a great balance of asana, pranayama, meditation and philosophy. The training was both intense and energizing at the same time helping me to build a personal practice and the want to learn more. From day one you are encouraged to find your own voice and relate to yoga in the way it means to you, it also opened my mind to aspects of yoga I never thought would interest me like meditation. I learned to listen to my inner teacher and be more aware of my body.

Joy and Ricardo and David are truly special people and made the training what it was with quality instruction, they are all very knowledgeable and encouraging. One of my favorite things about this training was the open discussion; we all felt very comfortable to share our experiences and were encouraged to do so throughout the course. Talking as a group helped to push through the physical and mental challenges we felt throughout the days. Also I LOVE to practice the rocket series, rocket is just what I was searching for with a great balance of strength and flexibility. I now feel strong, confident and ready to go out and teach with a better understanding of adjustments, modifications and advanced variations. Compared to a previous teacher training I have completed All Yoga has it all and more, it balances yoga practice and daily life to suit for westernized lifestyle of work, family and go-go-go attitude and even the occasional glass of vino on a Friday night. Many thanks to my teachers for their careful and powerful instruction and for showing me so much more than I expected, that I am stronger than I think and to live in the moment. Much love from this yogi


Ambra Sep 2012

Ambra  - September 2012 Yoga Teacher Training

I loved it, it was fun, everybody was supporting and professional, and relaxed. I discovered lots about myself, and start seeing yoga in a more spiritual and self-discovering experience. I am so excited to start teaching, and share the mental and physical benefits of yoga. Speaking to people, it is the hardest and giving clear instructions. I know it will improve with practice. I need to feel confident in reaching, but I can wait to give my first class.

Thank you to share your knowledge with us!!!

Laura Jane Melgueira Sep 2012

Laura Jane Melgueira - September 2012 Yoga Teacher Training

I have had one of the most amazing experiences in my life by far. It was everything and more than I could have asked for. I liked the way they structured the entire course. It is intense but there is never any pressure from the teachers. You are constantly encouraged to listen to your own body and mind. The structure of the course is perfect because they break it up in a way that it is never too much. As soon as you start to feel like things are getting too heavy something extremely fun and easy going is chucked in front of you to bring you back down to reality and know that actually everything is going to be just right. I have felt extremely supported, well guided and inspired by my teachers. They turn you into a confident yoga teacher without you even realizing – it’s like magic.

The transformation I have witnessed inside has been incredible. Self acceptance, the idea and the know-how of letting go. To live in the present and not the past or future. I have totally taken this on board and am doing exactly that. I feel like my heart has opened up so much more and I really do feel calm and fearless of what is to come. It feels amazing to know that I am able to hold an Ashtanga Vinyasa class. Knowing that I have all the tools and knowledge to share this amazing yoga experience with others – that is the best feeling.

The most challenging part of the course I think perhaps it was the long afternoon lectures on breaking down the postures. Also finding my inner teacher and leading my own class in meditation and Nauli Kriya, I’m not used to public speaking and leading a class using my voice. This was a huge barrier for me to jump over and I feel so happy that I overcome my fears with instruction from my teachers to speak from the heart, by myself listen to my own knowledge and nothing can go wrong as long as I stay true to myself and teach what I practice.

The most challenging part of the course I think perhaps it was the long afternoon lectures on breaking down the postures. Also finding my inner teacher and leading my own class in meditation and Nauli Kriya, I’m not used to public speaking and leading a class using my voice. This was a huge barrier for me to jump over and I feel so happy that I overcome my fears with instruction from my teachers to speak from the heart, by myself listen to my own knowledge and nothing can go wrong as long as I stay true to myself and teach what I practice.

Andrea Galvez T Sep 2012

Andrea Galvez T. - September 2012 Yoga Teacher Training

The Yoga Teacher training was amazing and a wonderful experience. I learned a lot about yoga and it inspired me to continue to learn and practice. I also learned about humbleness and serenity from Ricardo. Joy, well so much joy!! Her energy and passion are inspiring and she was so helpful in every way, not just yoga. David is on top of everything and a great listener. It’s a great team where I felt looked after, loved and encouraged.

My major transformation was patience and consistency. I am not the same after this and I feel they have just planted a seed that will continue to grow. I am very fortunate and grateful for this experience. I am mostly grateful for the people I met and all the great things they left inside of me. I am looking forward to share this to others and feel that I am prepared to teach and keep on discovering myself.


Saara  Sep 2012

Saara - September 2012 Yoga Teacher Training

I had the idea of doing a teach training for quite a long time before actually doing it. I was looking for a new experience as well as some much needed time for myself. I got that plus so much more.

The three and a half weeks of training have not only taught me to become a yoga teacher, but taught me to see and understand yoga as a whole in a new and different way. I am bringing home so much more than just a certificate: I am bringing back a new version of myself.

The training is a deep and both physically and mentally challenging. I haven’t trained this hard in my life. But it all feels so good and is very much worth it all.

The training as such is structured in a great way. We learn all the time, sometimes even without noticing it. The material, teaching, classes and instructing all support each other and everything is done for a reason.

The teachers are professional, supporting and so nice people. They truly give their all for spreading their knowledge. Thank you!

Isaac Schulz Sep 2012

Isaac Schulz - September 2012 Yoga Teacher Training

There is a wonderful place in this world to develop awareness and further your self practice, All Yoga Thailand! The teachers and program are wonderful, the location is fantastic and all this shared with fellow friends from around the world. Push yourself and learn to fly.

Irina Sep 2012

Irina - September 2012 Yoga Teacher Training

The teacher training course was amazing. Both, Joy and Ricardo are very knowledgeable and very professional. They make you feel at ease and comfortable to talk to them about anything you need.

What I learnt on this training has given me a immeasurable boost and is still giving me more to consider on a daily basis.

Susan Henderson Sep 2012

Susan Henderson - September 2012 Yoga Teacher Training

This yoga course has been amazing! I have learnt so much. Joy, Ricardo and David are great teachers and have a tremendous wealth of knowledge. If you want to learn how to be the best yoga teacher you can be whilst improving your yoga practice then you should do the All Yoga course.

Ashleigh Garnault

Ashleigh Garnault - April 2012 Yoga Teacher Training

Joy, Ricardo & David / The teachers have been amazing & invested so much time & effort into making sure the course is as relevant & productive as possible. Am very glad I chose All Yoga!

Candice Martinez

Candice Martinez - April 2012 Yoga Teacher Training

"Resistance is futile" – I came with an open mind, and leave with an open heart, realizing that along the way the teacher was already there, just waiting to be discovered.

A thousand heart-felt thanks for clearing the debris

Candice M.

Karen Howie

Karen Howie - April 2012 Yoga Teacher Training

What a fantastic teacher training! I looked at many Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga websites but All Yoga Thailand' stood out for me. They are clear about how the training is run from day 1 right up to the last day. Joy + Ricardo are amazing teachers, they support your every need and with you their exceptional yoga knowledge. They are motivational and accept that we are all humans! (even on an off day!)

Don't get me wrong, you need to work hard on this training, the days are long with only Saturday off + still then you have homework! This is nor a glorified Teacher Training. If you are looking for more of a , Retreat Training then it is nor for you! But if you want to be the best teacher that you can be, Joy, Ricardo + David will do all they can to make that happen for you if you put the effort in. I am 50 years old this year and was worried that I wouldn't be able to keep up with the youngsters on the course. Hove no fear, age is not of concern to anyone – as long as you have a good fitness level, a young attitude, a love of yoga, then go ahead and book – I promise you want regret it! I know I don't!! in fact it was the best decision I have made in a long time.

Good luck to you all – do it!


Antoni Timonowicz

Antoni Timonowicz - April 2012 Yoga Teacher Training

The teacher training was well above expectations, the knowledge, skill and training of the yoga instructors was exceptional. My first yoga teacher training and I would recommend to anyone. I feel confident and have the knowledge now to start my teaching. The long days and training sessions pay off, my yoga practice now has grown considerably. I can now jump back and through and also do free standing hand stands. Above all I can take many learning on the mat to my life off the mat.

Thank you Joy, Ricardo and David for putting a great training together.


Gary Davis

Gary Davis - April 2012 Yoga Teacher Training

This is a great Teacher Training. I have immense gratitude to Ricardo, Joy and David for the sincerity and generosity with which they teach. You can tell it comes from the heart. Not only do I feel confident in my ability to teach, but also my own practice has moved to an entirely new level. This is not a 200 hour is so much more! You leave the course still learning, still growing.

I have a clear direction into which my practice will expand and I will also continue to learn from the excellent course material as there is so much more in there than can be covered in detail in a 200 hour course. Excellent.

Alan Milledge

Alan Milledge - April 2012 Yoga Teacher Training

I joined the teacher training course to be the toughest but most rewarding experience of recent years. I was concerned that I would be too old (48) to manage a month of intense yoga plus the worried of technical information but I needing have worried Joy, Ricado and David I found to be very generous and patient and they built up the work load as we progress, also guiding us space and true way we needed it. With the games devised for the course we joined a very strong bond as a group which I hope last for years to come.

I learned that don't need to eat 3 meals a day or eat meat even when burning a lot of calories. This course is not for everyone but if you have determination and commitment for a serve as a yoga teacher you will be hard pushed to join a course more passionately or expertly need. Thank you all again for a life changling experience. Much love Alan.

Lizzy Mulkey

Lizzy Mulkey - February 2012 Yoga Teacher Training

The training was very welcoming and non- judgmental. It fostered all leave with patience and hummer. Creating a family vibe. I found myself opening up fears and old thought and behaviors that did not facilitate me.As the course went on I gained tools to observe, laugh at and let them pass.I feel cleares and move present and creatively awake again.I feel excited to be a yoga instructor and shore these tools.The most challenging part was getting up at 6am haha!and not pushing myself physically.but letting!!!! myself practice with modifications when exhausted and being okay with that,I learned more that way in the end creatively

Judy Wong

Judy Wong - February 2012 Yoga Teacher Training

The training was amazing! It was a perfect bland of asana practice of philosophy and it was the beginning of a newer and better relationship with my inner self. I am very happy that the training helped me to unblock my confidence and I now know that I can and I will be a good teacher, simply by being my true self and sharing my knowledge with others.

Lucas King

Lucas King - February 2012 Yoga Teacher Training

After only 22 days of the teacher training I feel like lots of thing have beach changing inside of me. Not only physically, but also mentally. I feel morelife in my mind and strong in my body. It's like I come with a heaviness and a mind full of question, but now I am ready to leave here with a new understanding of the relationship with myself, The outside world , my inside world and the universe. In the beginning I saw yoga as Asana and detoxifying, but I realized. It just a little part of yoga. Yoga is about the mind. How we learn to observe it.

I've found something inside of me. That I have lost Sometime ago. It has always been there but hidden deep down behind many layers. Now I feel like the layers one by one is gone and I now can laugh and sing from my heart again.

For me it's not about being a teacher, but more like.

I'm learning about myself and yoga and give it to the people I meet on my journey in life. Student, friend and family.

The most challenging is to let go of my ambition.

Namaste Lucas

Robyn Sexton

Robyn Sexton - February 2012 Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga is a lifelong journey , one that u can always be on some shape or from . I came expecting to advance or transform physically but will be leaving with much more. ThePhysical, emotional and Mental Purging that occurred for me has been life-changing. Learning to live my practice off the mat will be something for which I always strive. The Physical benefits that help me be a stronger contributor to the universe and more positive influence for my loved ones. These are the reasons yoga always be in my life. I’ve learned there’s no rush, it’s all about the journey- and when you are in the moment-you can find joy in every part of journey.

The most challenging aspect for me was accepting my physical limitation and it’s a work in program net criticizing myself. I don’t know .If I will ever feel like a real teacher but I am committed to being a lifelong student :)

Musikhina Natalya

Musikhina Natalya - February 2012 Yoga Teacher Training

It was my best division to choose All yoga Training Joy and Ricardo teachers from the heart who shared with as all the great experience and knowledge. They helped me to believe in me and now I feel desire to share my knowledge with people. The rest challenging was to come here. All the rest was adventure and fun! Thank you for changing my life do David, Joy, Ricardo and Larry.


Moonekadubria - February 2012 Yoga Teacher Training

I thing or I know I will go at home like another new person. I have many idea What I will make I am very happy because I learn many about Asthanga. I know many new people. I like everything. What I saw here. the most challenging was to stand up early and in the afternoon I don't understand everything!!


For everything


Lizzy Mulkey

Viki Bovatsis - February 2012 Yoga Teacher Training

This yoga Teacher training opened my eyes. When I first arrived on the island .I did not had any idea what to expect. Our first yoga practice on the island was exhausting. I was not sure. If I could do this the generous words of our teachers however gave me faith. In this short period of time. I have gained valuable knowledge about yoga but most important about myself.until now I was looking for something and I can say that I have found what I was looking for the course inspired me and gave me to us of faith to bring back home.It also made me stronger: physically as mentally. I am ready to go back home an d teach others what I have learned from my heart.

Thank you Vanessa, David, Joy and Ricardo for everything. This is defiantly one the best experiences of my life!

Caroline Gray - November 2011

Caroline Gray - November 2011 Yoga Teacher Training

I loved the training, all of it. I wish we had more time to learn more!

My transformation was that I feel that one day soon, I can and will be teaching amazing Yoga to beginners and in time more advanced classes. It feels good to have knowledge and confidence. My inner teacher has been awakened!

Most challenging was practicing script and sequence and demonstrating in the same time. You guys make it looks so easy! I have to practice eac day… but I’m not worried because I have been taught very well!

Thank you!

Tim Baker - November 2011

Tim Baker - November 2011 Yoga Teacher Training

I liked everything about the course. I didn’t want it to end!

I've become much stronger physically and mentally as well. I feel better prepared to face challenges in my future. I can’t believe that I’m going to be a yoga teacher! 4 months ago, I would have never imagined coming here to do this. Now I wish I had done it much sooner!!

A few weeks ago, I would have said that the most challenging thing was remembering the Yoga postures and the study materials. Now, I would completely change my answer and say that the most challenging thing was to overcome myself and the limitations and fears that I had imposed on myself. This has been the most amazing experience of my life and I will never forget it. It has been worth 10 times the amount you pay!
MarthyLocht - November 2011

Marthy Locht - November 2011 Yoga Teacher Training

Time flies when you are doing nothing but yoga. The 24 days flew by without noticing. I was really nervous about coming to KohSamui in the beginning. Not sure what to expect. I joined the teacher training firstly because I wanted to improve my personal practice, but in the and I have learned so much more than just that. Learning about the asanas, meditation, yoga history, discussing yoga philosophy

I not only improved my practice, but also deepened my knowledge about yoga. `Moreover I discovered that teaching yoga is something I really enjoy. In the beginning it was scary to teach my fellow students, but with the gentle guidance of Joy, Ricardo and David I grew more confident in my teaching and started finding my own 'voice' as a teacher. Those 24 days of the training I will take with me for the rest of my life.

Thank you Joy, Ricardo and David, for letting us share in your wisdom, for being such wonderful teachers and for transferring onto us your passion for yoga.

Mahy Mah - November 2011

Mahy Mah - November 2011 Yoga Teacher Training

Getting started to write something is always difficult, and if you should write something about the best experience that you have had in your life, it is more difficult.

You feel something huge and excited inside yourself but you can't explain it enough to say truly about this kind of feeling at all.

For me it was like a gift to be part of the Teacher Training Course on November 2011 in such a very beautiful place calls Samui which is managed by All Yoga Thailand.

The whole program was amazing, the teachers (Ricardo and Joy) and the manager (David) were fantastic, they were kind, responsible, lovely and passionate for what they did and the environment was so friendly, cool and beautiful, all beyond of my imagination and my expectation.

The program and teachers pushed me nicely to face more with myself, as I did the yoga practice, study in philosophy of yoga and talk about all feeling even it wasn't good, I became more and more aware of my mine, my body and myself.

I should challenge a lot to fix my body, my mind and my ego as well, and during this training I learned a lot from my lovely teachers and my lovely friends who were there.

As I became a yoga teacher I was able to face to my fears, my disabilities without any judgment from others and myself and accept myself as I am, but they also thought me to trust myself and do my best to become a nice person and believe in myself.

So, I know the words are not very strong to say thank you enough to Ricardo, Joy and David, also Vannesa who managed my trip very kindly to be there at that time.

God bless all of you, I always love you.


IneMaes - June 2010

IneMaes - June 2010 Yoga Teacher Training

The All yoga Thailand teacher training was one of the best experiences in my life. Great accommodation, good food, getting to know so much wonderful people and the most important thing: amazing teachers.

Donovan F. Hicks is such an inspiration. Not afraid to share all his knowledge with others he brings up the best in everybody.

After the teacher training my practice became so much better and before I start teaching my students I think about my amazing time on Koh Samui and again I'm inspired for a my class.
Neal Shail - TT Jun 2011

Neal Shail - June 2011 Yoga Teacher Training

Wow, an intense 4 weeks, which took my daily practice and gave it wings to fly to levels I had never imagined! I got a great transmission from Donovan. He's a pretty damn experienced practitioner, is compassionate, encouraging and has a high integrity as a teacher. The All Yoga training method is very well structured encouraging questioning, enquiry and offers a support structure as you begin to find your teaching voice. We all had a lot of fun! By the end of the 4 weeks I was up and teaching straight away and haven't looked back since.

What I learnt on this training has given me a immeasurable boost and is still giving me more to consider on a daily basis.


Tirzah Shiya - TT Feb 2011

Veronique Bordas - June 2011 Yoga Teacher Training

That was the time I wanted to do something for myself! I enrolled at the last minute for All Yoga Teachers Training on the beautiful island of Samui. I had expectations about deepening my practice, healing areas of my life in order to feel stronger and more balanced, being able to sustain the great feeling of fulfilment and uplifting effect of after a yoga class. From the first hour to the last hour during one month, it turned out that not only Samui was beautiful but the whole experience. Surrounded by loving people and incredible teachers, the experience and learning process became the magic of yoga! Many thanks to David who organized all of it, to Joy and Donovan Hicks who trained us so that hand stands, bakasana and parva bakasana became a flow. But more than that, they shared their passion and have given us the power to guide others with our teaching practices. The changes inside me were even more than I expected and my yoga practice has improved a lot. To this, I can add the wonderful sense of fulfilment of having completed 200 hours of Yoga Teachers'Training which makes me a fully certified Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga instructor with All Yoga recognized by Yoga Alliance. The life there was only about yoga: love, friendship, practice and yoga philosophy. It included emotions and physical states but teachers and friends were always there with a Try again, "All is coming" or a mango shake. It was only great energy! Thank you my yoga beauties! We were a small group and we all have fond memories. I am very grateful to have had this experience and my thoughts go to Larry Schultz, the founder of All Yoga and to Donovan Hicks, the Sri Pattabi Jois' of Larry, and to Joy full of grace and knowledge. I recommend All Yoga Teachers'Training, you will learn so much in a short time. See you soon for another training ... Rocket II? Keep practicing! Namaste

Tirzah Shiya - TT Feb 2011

Tirzah Shiya - February 2011 Yoga Teacher Training

The Yoga Training went beyond my expectations. I'm trully thrilled with it. I wanted to do this to strengthen my own practice but now I am leaving with the desitr to instruc. I made tons of progress, physically and mentally, and create a lot of new and strong friendship. The teachers were incredebly knowledgeable on anatomy of movement. I'm so grateful to have had this experience. I would recommend it to anyone. Practice was challlenging at times but very worth the reward. The Yoga philosophy was beautiful. I learned

so much this month! Thank so Much!

Sophie Cot, TT Jun 2010

Sophie Cot - June 2010 Yoga Teacher Training

The good thing about yoga is that everybody is unique and different, and yoga has an answer for everyone.

If a student comes to my yoga class, my goal is to help him/her what he/she is looking for. It may be finding some peace of mind for one hour before going back in his/her hectic life. It may be to have some time for him/her for self-inspiration or observation. It may be to challenge himself/herself physically….

No matter what he/she is looking for, if he/she reaches it, then as a teacher, I have reached my goal too.

Besides, I would like to give my students the motivation, the faith, the self-confidence to believe in themselves. If a student wants to give up because he/she feels that he/she is not at the level, not able to practise a difficult posture, I want to find the words, the behaviour to help him/her to find his/her inner voice saying “don’t give up. Yes you can”…. Finding his/her inner voice in practising yoga will help him/her to hear also this inner voice in every situation of the daily life.

It is exactly what happens with me and my yoga teacher training with It’s Yoga Thailand. It was like Russian Mountains, with high and down in my practise and mind. And everytime, I was saying to myself “Ok, I stop it here. I give up”, everytime my teacher, Pablo Alvarez, had a look, a word that let me go in a “try again” mind.

After this training, I feel myself stronger in my practise but also in my life. Now, if there is a difficulty in my life, I just think about my yoga training and think “If I could do it for yoga, I can do it here too.”

That was one of my most amazing experience. Thank you Pablo, Thank you David and thank you to all my fellow students who did it too !!!!

And a last word, a friend of mine told me “we can be bent in 10 positions in one yoga posture… but not practising yoga, and just sitting and really practising yoga… the most important is to follow its own pace”

Francisco primas, TT jun 2010

Francisco primas - June 2010 Yoga Teacher Training

Really big thanks for everything you  did for us and for me...The Yoga  Teacher  training  was the  best  thing  in my  life! My life  is completely changed....I feel so good....Just the test and the exam and then we are finish. The  4 weeks was running so fast! I really will miss it! All the good, lovely peoples around me but I will keep  going....

Ace pittipan, TT nov 2010

Ace pittipan - November 2010 Yoga Teacher Training

I was practice yoga very hard for the whole first month in preparation for the following month, my second Yoga Teachcer Training with Larry Schultz the founder of the Rocket, and All Yoga. He is Luke Cassady- Dorion first and beloved teacher, which Luke is my first and beloved teacher. So, when Luke told me that Larry had set his training in Thailand, without doubt and hesitation, I had enrolled to his four-week training programme.

Many people, asked me why I did not take a RYT-500 hours, since I already one certificate from Adrian Cox last year. I humbled as I never thought myself have a good yoga knowledge. I am only on a skin deep. Thus, instead of going into the more advance level, I prefer to do more observation in the intermediate level, this philosophy work. I have learnt so much from Larry.

Larry was once his guruchi, Sri Pattabhi Jois’s bad lad. His reputation in breaking the square box of practicing asana is well preserved.

He believes that asana Astanga-routine is for young boys such as under 10 years old [as in those days of Patanjali period, yoga is only for men and higher caste]. Larry was on his 20+ already when he had his first yoga class. His outside the box thinking modified the routine series to be matched with his abilities. Successfully done, the Rocket Yoga or the Power Yoga was created.

I was 39 when I was started my first yoga class, a physically limit has slowed me down to the state that I sometime believe that I will never be able to do some asanas. Therefore, I enjoy my modification very much. Larry always says you are your best teacher.

With Larry as a conductor, our physical body become a reading map and our observation and practice started to be the seed of intelligence which bloomed inside our heart. The petal started to open and the fragrance of the bliss of our inner mind is drifted out.

I love yoga because of it lift my spirit up to the place that I am not afraid of falling.

Chantal Doesburg, TT Nov 2010

Chantal Doesburg - November 2010 Yoga Teacher Training

The All Yoga teacher training was for me the most amazing experience in my life! I have loved every second of it. The teachers and students cam to share their experiences on Yoga and Life. This has given me more love, understanding, faith and freedom in my yoga practice and in my daily life. It really has opened my view on life and yoga. As they say : ” All is coming”, have faith and let go.

For everybody who loves yoga and want to deepen their practice, I really recommend to do the All Yoga Teacher training. You will gain so much in a short time and will meet so many loving people. I can’t wait to continue and deepen my own practice and share this with others in my teaching practices.

Love Life, Love Yoga!


Panita, Nov 2010 Yoga Teacher Training

Panita - November 2010 Yoga Teacher Training

Hey Wow!What a superb,uplifting,educational,practical and super friendly experience I had on my teacher training course on Samui with All Yoga Thailand. I had been practicing yoga, like most other Yogi's,at my local centre but yearned to move on and reach a higher point so that I could share and give out my learning's and experiences with others anytime,any place,anywhere.

All Yoga was just the perfect blend of highly qualified and knowledgeable teachers who definitely knew their stuff combined with the happiness of being around a group of likeable people with the same goals and outlooks on life and yoga. All this plus a beautiful setting on the coast of Samui Thailand. I was so happy, and if I may say quite proud of myself, to receive my Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Certificate at the end of some of the most rewarding and happy days of my life. I found what I was looking gave me a lot more dimension to my life.

Now I am ready to give of myself to others in the hope that if I can just help them improve their everyday lives with vitality,health of both mind and body and a general feeling of well being so that they too can go away with a smile back on their face and in their soul. The smile was always there but lay dormant until this level of Yoga brought it back to life,now "I always walk in the light"...

So you too can now give your body,mind and soul the food that they need for a long and very happy life,why keep waiting,this is your pension scheme.

My thanks to all the very professional and experienced staff at All Yoga for making me feel relaxed at all times and pushing me that little bit that we all need.

We all have been given the seed,now is the time to let yours grow...


Ella Merjanova – TT Jun 2010

Ella Merjanova - June 2010 Yoga Teacher Training

Through this teacher training, I've significantly deepened my understanding of yoga. I began to cultivate a brand new awareness of myself: of my inner spiritual self, of my mind chatter, of new muscles in my body. It was eye opening, and all I had to do was heighten my awareness – open my same eyes! I changed drastically, but stayed the same. Yoga cultivates an awareness that allows us to rise above any suffering of the mind,

which constantly arises from internal and external imbalances. The regular practice helped me see how achieving this union helps to connect with my inner self, leading to a sense of peace and happiness. I began to develop the connection between my mind, soul, and body and the universal.


Malinee yangpheng – TT Jun 2010

Malinee yangpheng - June 2010 Yoga Teacher Training

It's really great for such a professional yoga teacher training; for whole month.

It's really helped and improves lots, no matter in yoga technical or spiritual refreshment.

Yoga Trainers assigned by All Yoga are high standard and professional,.

After daily hard training for almost whole month, our yoga technic is deeper and wider.

Now we do believe we can be a real yoga teacher that can benefit our students in the future.

It’s worth or even better than what we paid.

Martina Glibo – TT Jun 2010

Martina Glibo - June 2010 Yoga Teacher Training

I would love to say a big THANKS to everyone teachers, you David for excellent organization and of course to all of my friends funny – crazy yogis

It was an amazing experience from the first day till the end. We were a very small group, and we get along great. The energy between us was incredible, although the trainings were pretty hard we were laughing all the time and we really were helping each other not only in learning and teaching yoga, but during the crises that all of us had. It was a long period of time without family, husbands, children, boyfriends, girlfriends, … So we became one big family. Thanks to you I became more secure, more self confident and really realized that it was a good idea to come to Thailand and be the part of this wonderful journey.

Now after everything I just want to teach, practice, learn, explore, help people to feel better with practicing yoga, to feel light, relaxed and peaceful.

Every day had its challenges. It was hard sometimes to get up early go to practice twice a day, and then to learn or practice again on your own even though the muscles were so tired and full of sour. But with friends it was much easier.

One more time a big, big THANKS to everyone. See us soon!

Vanessa Stoessel – TT Feb 2010

Vanessa Stoessel – February 2010 Yoga Teacher Training

For all those who are considering a Yoga Teacher Training – close your eyes and take the leap of faith. You will never look back. Here is my testament.

I was blessed with the opportunity to enroll in a 1 month Teacher Training hosted by All Yoga Thailand from February 15 to March 14 2010 on a paradise island in Thailand.

Each student has a different reason for why they choose to attend a training; whether that may be to deepen their practice, to become a more confident person in regards to teaching, or to heal an area in their personal life, and the teacher training provides the outlet for any such life goals to be achieved.

I had been practicing Yoga for about a year before deciding to embark on such an experience. I’m not sure exactly how it came to me to join a teacher training but I made the decision on my own and not because one of my teachers in the studio where I regularly practiced had suggested it. What I loved most about attending my regular class was not the feeling of accomplishment I had when entering deep into a stretch, but the feeling of being completely centered at the end of a practice. After every class, no matter what had happened during that day, or what more stresses were to come, I was able to hide from that for 90 minutes, and appear from the class feeling stronger, more balanced and calm. I wanted to go to a training that would teach me how to sustain this feeling, whenever and wherever I wanted.

I thought that by going through a Yoga training for 30 days while “stranded” on a tropical island in Thailand, something would happen inside of me. I was, right; but the benefits of the training are more far reaching than I could have even imagined.

It was the first real journey I was taking alone. There was no turning back once I’d paid in full. Now for me, when it comes to substantial commitment, I usually start to feel unsure that the decision I made was right and knots most often begin to twist themselves up in my stomach. The journey to the beach, although only from Bangkok, took at least half a day during which time the uncomfortable feeling in the pit of my stomach intensified working its way up to my throat. However, after the first couple days of class, having met the other students and the teachers that I would spend a month living with, I knew I was in the right place. Everything about our Yoga training made me feel extremely relaxed, happy and grateful to be there.

During the 1 month of Yoga training, I went through many different emotions and physical states. I experienced muscle cramps from yoga twice a day, I had days when I wasn’t ready or in the mood to wake up for class early in the morning, I had laughter and tears, frustration and annoyance, but I also had space to relax, space to be in solitude, and space to grow stronger and more confident.

At the end of the training, I felt a deep sense of fulfillment. I had just completed 200 hours of Yoga teacher training which made me a fully certified Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga instructor with All Yoga recognized by Yoga Alliance. I had absorbed a wealth of knowledge, grown an extended family through the bonds forged with my teachers and the other students, developed much more strength from practicing twice a day and improved all of my poses. My eyes were opened up to a new expansive world where anything is possible. I was glowing from the inside, feeling contented with life and I knew that I had found my direction. It made me a much more thoughtful person – aspiring to always feel compassion for others and I wholeheartedly believe that as a result of continuous practice one can live a harmonious and blissful life.

But the part best of completing the Teacher Training was not how I felt, but that I now held the power to guide someone else to ultimate contentment simply by instructing him or her through the practice of Yoga.

To all those who went before - I have the utmost respect; and for all those to come - follow the Yoga star. The world is a brighter place because of it.