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Elina Rossi - Finland - April 2014 Yoga Teacher Training

The first week was the hardest as there was different time zone and adjusting to the traveling.

The training was great as there were many teachers with different training styles. The teachers were very friendly and supportive. Thank you All Yoga!


Josh Marsland - USA - April 2014 Yoga Teacher Training

I loved all of my teachers. They were knowledgeable, admirable, personal, approachable, warm-hearted, caring and all different in their own ways. I didn’t feel it was a student to teacher environment but more of a humble approach sharing and learning relationship. I came here with the intention of finding my voice, healing, being open and learning for life. I wanted to know what the 8-limbs were and I now know that I have so much to practice. I have learned as a student to never stop learning. All Yoga has given me such a great foundation to teach upon and a confidence that will only improve as my self-practice becomes more profound.


Elena - Russia - April 2014 Yoga Teacher Training

I know it says training but I didn’t feel like it was but more like a new discovery every day. I never felt stressed or under pressure despite the amount of information was given to us. Every class we had-practicing, yoga philosophy, anatomy, yoga sutras- was so interesting, captivated and so well-organized that I just wanted to learn more. My favorite part of this course was my teachers! I feel so lucky to have chosen this TT. Each one of the teachers were already a great teacher, person & yogi but together they built an amazing team! Absolutely! Thank you for the hard work. Our yoga philosophy Ram brought the experience to a even higher more spiritual level. Thank you for keeping quizzes and homework light and manageable. It was a perfect balance between studying and having some time to absorb all the material. I love how All Yoga included different styles of yoga in addition to Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Finally I absolutely loved the workshops! Inversions, pre/post natal, backbends..etc It was my favorite thing. It was so much fun and informative! Most importantly for me, I left this training feeling ready to teach on my own and able to have my own self-practice. All Yoga teaching team, you made it possible! I feel very confident and happy! Thank you!


David Adame Diaz - Spain - April 2014 Yoga Teacher Training

My 200-hr was a unique and transformational experience. This professional training provided me the necessary tools to start my yoga journey. The yoga teachers shared their knowledge and passion with us. Overall, the teachers were very professional, the training covered up to date material for teaching yoga and all of them shown lots of passion and motivated us every single day. They have filled my body, mind and spirit with the best yogi tools! I’m now more than ready to continue on my yoga journey!