All Yoga Thailand is proud to offer the perfect Yoga Retreat in paradise to all yoga lovers!

Build strength and flexibility with All Yoga Thailand Retreat.

Join us for a unique yoga holiday in the paradise Islands of Thailand. Take your Yoga practice to the next step with our Vinyasa Rocket series. Between the 2 daily yoga classes, relax on the crystal water beaches with a fresh coconut. Daily Thai massage is also part of the program!


About the Yoga Retreat

All Yoga Thailand Retreat helps you to alleviate stress and enhance your overall physical and mental well-being. Unwinding from your hectic daily life, you’ll be practicing yoga asanas and meditation sessions under professional guidance. Immerse yourself in the tropical jungle and crystal clear ocean, you will find calmness and balance from within.

If you live in a busy city, you’re constantly exposed to stimulants that can eventually take a toll on your health. Common stimulants like computers, TV, traffic jams, unbalanced diets, and a lack of sleep can suppress the immune system, hence causing a chain of physical and mental ailments. If left unattended, the body may develop physical pains, emotional instabilities, allergies, and in some cases-terminal illness.

The Yoga Practice

This retreat is designed to improve health and clarity of mind. You will learn about proper body alignment when practicing yoga asanas, breathing exercises to improve overall blood circulation, and meditation techniques to calm the restless mind. Also, Thai massages are offered to help relax and release any muscle tightness.

For those seeking more challenging physical practice, you’ll have a chance to practice traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga and progressive flow sequences. The Vinyasa classes are based on the modification of the primary,intermediate and advanced series of Ashtanga Yoga. Suitable for all-levels, we provide modifications for the more advanced poses. In the late afternoon, you’ll wind down the body with Yin yoga. Gentle and relaxing, this class aims to improve flexibility and calm the nervous system.

We wish to share with you the art of yoga. Beyond the physical aspects, yoga offers the mind peace and clear consciousness on and off your mat. By developing internal support and integrity, you will start to experience a transformation from deep within.

All Levels Welcome!

The Yoga retreats are designed for all yoga skill levels. Advanced yoga practitioners will be taught side by side with newcomers to yoga. Advanced students will study advanced poses such as handstands and inversions. Beginners will be taught foundations of modern vinyasa yoga.

An amazing location!

 Koh Phangan is a secret destination back to the nature. No roads there, only yoga, beach and sun!

Koh Phangan

koh phangan yoga retreat

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