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Yin/Yang Yoga Teacher Training : 2015 January 20 - February 15, Bali

By Annie Au, on June 30, 2014
Jan 20 - Feb 15 2015
From 3500 USD all inclusive
Registration open
200 Hours Yoga Alliance Yoga Teachers Training Certification
Date :
20 January - 15 February 2015
Bali, Indonesia
From 3500 USD all inclusive

In order to ensure the quality of the program and personalized guidance for each student, the yoga teacher trainings are limited to 24 students

Make sure to register early to secure your place for the yoga teacher training. All our courses get usually fully booked 3 to 4 months ahead.


Course overview: Ashtanga Vinyasa & Yin Yoga teacher training

The intention of this training is to take a holistic and synergistic approach into understanding the two polarities of Yin and Yang energies within ourselves, as well as comparing and integrating the Physical and Meditative practices that they offer.. The Physical practice will be looked at through the analysis of Ashtanga Vinyasa´s Primary Series and the more subtle layers will be explored by integrating Yin Yoga and Meditation.

Our Yin, Yang (Ashtanga) Yoga Teacher Training integrates Yogic, Taoist and Buddhist concepts to compare, contrast and interpret the essential message of each of these different traditions. From the gross to the subtle we believe in cultivating an awareness of all the different layers of the practitioner, combining body/mind perception as a practice to positively influence, modify, and transform one's health and consciousness.

Tuition Fees

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Shared room
Single room
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Shared room
Single room

The price includes

  • Tuition fees
  • Accommodation 
  • meals plan (healthy buffet )
  • Yoga certificate 200 hrs Yoga Alliance accredited


August 2014 Yoga Teacher training in Bali


SHANTI AGUNG CENTRE was created by Australian Zenthai Shiatsu founder and practitioner Gwynn and his wife Gaia in partnership with local couple Mr and Mrs Komang. It serves the duel purpose of allowing Westerners to experience the richness of life in a simple Balinese fishing village, providing a home and employment for the Komangs and up to 20 locals (depending on bookings). The centre is custom built and features a juice bar.

Where it is located?
Pantai Jasri is a small fishing village with surf, ceremony, chocolate factory, coconuts and a lovely French cafe on the east coast of Bali (approx. 1.5 hours from airport). This is old time Bali: sarongs , incense , simplicity, bamboo , rice farming, traditional fishing boats and plenty of time to relax.

The Meals are cooked by the hosts, with all the tasty Indonesian spices included. Simple vegetarian, with optional fish and eggs at times. Set close to a coconut forest, there are plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. The hosts are now embracing more organic and wholesome ideas for meals with no artificial additions and some including Ayurvedic principles.

Other Activities
There are a number of wonderful experiences around the village including a white sandy beach, ujung waterhole, agung mountain, kings palace, cacao chocolate factory, French cafe and restaurant.... This place is really quite a gem, close to the now busy life around Bali's centers. The area is joyful, has welcoming people and most importantly the ability for you to switch off and enjoy an insightful yoga journey.

Includes single or double room depending on your preferences and 3 vegetarian meals daily. The accommodation will start on the 19th of January at 1:00pm and includes lunch and dinner for that day. It will end on the 16th of February with the final breakfast.

Cost is approximately $40 USD one way and can be divided amongst a group.

The Food

August 2014 Yoga Teacher training in Bali


The organic restaurant will not disappoint either. The menu will consist of the freshest locally grown raw organic and lightly cooked vegetarian meals. The menu is designed to cleanse and facilitate detoxification on your body during the course, and to teach you about proper food habits and food combining.

Yin/Yang Yoga Teacher Training

August 2015 Yoga Teacher training in Bali

Yin/Yang Yoga:
Sebastian Pucelle & Murielle Burellier both started on the Yoga path since 1995 and have taught from 2004. Up to now their main intention has been to bring together the practice of Yoga and Meditation. They have lived in Asia for the past 5 years where they specialize in the teaching of Yin Yoga, combining their experience in the studies of Eastern Philosophy, T.C.M and Meditation.

About the Yin 100 hours
The practice of Yin Yoga has transformative effects on body and mind. The gentle but consistent stimulation of the connective tissues encourages long-term health and flexibility of the joints, recharges the energetic systems of the body and naturally draws the mind inward into a relaxed, contemplative state. It also prepares the body and mind for longer and better quality meditation practices.

Who is this training designed for?
This Training is designed for teachers and dedicated practitioners with at least 2 years of yoga experience.
 Prior experience in Yin Yoga is not required but you do need to have a keen interest in the following subjects of Anatomy, Qi Theory, Philosophy and Meditation. It is not essential to want to become a yoga teacher to take this training, but an alive spirit to learn and a dedication to deepen your practice are required.

Can I take the 100 hours of Yin only?
If you already have completed a certified 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training of any discipline, you can select to only take the Yin part of the training. Your certification on completion will count for 100 hours towards our registered 300 hour program recognized by the Yoga Alliance. The Yoga People 300 hour Program is applicable to your RYT500 teaching credential.

Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training

Ashtanga Vinyasa:
Yoga Alliance E-RYT teachers Jamie Clarke & Dulce Aguilar, will lead this section of the training. Since 2003, more than 350 students have become Yoga Alliance certified teachers completing their programs. Together they have more than 20 years of teaching experience and 15 years of teaching teachers. They are trained in the tradition of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga and incorporate learning from Mandala, Rocket, Tripsichore & Yin into balanced training programs.

About the Ashtanga Vinyasa 100 hours.
This section of the course will be based on the First Series of Ashtanga as taught by S.K. Pattabhi Jois. It will be the definitive look at the Primary Series, breath by breath, pose by pose. We will be submersing ourselves in the wisdom of this sequence and the healing that it offers. Each day will include an extended practice of asana, pranayama & meditation, extensive lectures & analysis, work-shopping and partner work. Expect to be teaching early on in this training as we learn quickly how to deliver this practice skillfully and confidently. We will also be looking into the Tantric model of Chakras and how this model is expressed in physical, psychological and energetic forms of the body. We will relate Chakra theory to the practice itself and towards our internal introspection with techniques of related meditation and pranayama. There will compatible referencing of Yin aspects with anatomy and technique in asanas and its flavor will be used to enhance the intelligence of the Vinyasa practice as well as the meditative disciplines.

Who is this training designed for?
This Training is designed for teachers and dedicated practitioners with a regular, dynamic yoga practice.
 Prior experience in Ashtanga Yoga is not required but is recommended, with a minimum of 2 years practice in a Vinyasa Yoga discipline.

Can I take the 100 hours of Ashtanga only?
If you already have completed a 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training of any discipline, you can select to only take the Yang (Ashtanga) part of the training. Your certification on completion will count for 100 hours towards The Yoga People registered 300 hour program, recognized by the Yoga Alliance. Our 300 hour Advanced Program is applicable to your RYT 500 teaching credential.


August 2014 Yoga Teacher training in Bali

Upon completion of the full training you will receive a Yoga Alliance Certificate at the 200 hour level in Ashtanga Vinyasa & Yin Yoga. Alternatively you may elect to complete either the Yin or the Yang hours independently, in which case you will receive a specific 100 hours certificate, which can be applied to your Yoga Alliance RYT500 accreditation as part of The Yoga People 500 Hour Teacher Training Program.

Registration and payment

Students can secure a space in the teacher training by paying a $650 deposit. The balance due should be paid 1 month before the beginning of the course. Students can pay via Telegraphic Transfer (TT or Wire Transfer) or by PayPal via our payment gateway page.

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