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Latest Testimonials (August 2016)

Yoga Instructor Graduate Amera Stanforth

Wow I can't believe the training is over so fast! Thank you for such an incredible experience, I have loved every moment; the ups and downs. The course content was very detailed and authentic, a perfect balance. I have met some amazing people through this experience and I'm so grateful to have been able to share this with them. Most of all, thank you to our teachers, Vari, Marcela and Pierina, for the love, support and energy - you guys made the experience unforgettable. Thank you so much!

Yoga Instructor Graduate Christian Nilsson

This training was simply perfect for me! The basis in Ashtanga vinyasa combined with the creative freedom of our own vinyasa sequencing just makes me excited I can give to other students. I've experienced an immense transformation both physically and mentally and a great lotus flower of humbling consciousness is growing within! All Yoga has changed my life! Our teachers, my fellow new teachers, these are all very close to my heart!

Yoga Instructor Graduate Janelle Ochs

I wouldn't trade my experience with All Yoga for any other YTT. The teachers- Vari, Marcela and the assistant Pierina had the most authentic energy! They were all so different and worked together so well. A wonderful mix of tough love, encouragement, support and positive vibes!. I went from excitement, to overwhelmed, to confident moving forward as a new yoga teacher. Thank you!

Yoga Instructor Graduate Alberto "Bodhi" Salis

Amazing journey inside myself. I had the possibility to get back in contact with parts of myself that I forgot, and it was bittersweet at the same time. The biggest achievement is not the certificate, that I take as the cherry on the cake, but it is the course of consciousness that bloomed day by day. Amazing teachers, thanks for the tremendous life energy.

Yoga Instructor Graduate Nora Lubberich

Thank you very much for this great experience! I loved every moment of my training. I overcome fears and anxieties. I will leave this place a stronger and more confident person. I learned to face challenges and to trust myself. The vibe was always very positive thanks to Vari, Marcela and Pierina's teachings! All the positive energy that I could absorb will help me to follow my dreams. The journey is not over, it starts now!