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Latest Testimonials (September 2016)

Yoga Instructor Graduate Kayla Santos

The All Yoga Teacher Training program changed my outlook on life. As cheesy as it sounds, it's true! I met very special people and had the pleasure to learn a wide range of knowledge, techniques and history in a beautiful enviroment, it really felt like a vacation. My four instructors David, Vari, Marcela and Pierina had a chemistry that made learning fun and easy going. It was an experience like no other and most importantly I now have the tools to spread the knowledge. Thank you All Yoga!!!

Yoga Instructor Graduate Zhenzhen Qui

This is such a nice experience, I never thought I would make it. Before I came here I was worried about my English, worried that my practice was not good enough. I really like how the training is broken down part by part and give lots of practice time to make me feel more comfortable learning it. I was very shy to speak in front of people, especially using English to teach but after this training I have more confidence. I got more knowledge, feel very happy to go back home as a yoga teacher and teach others what I like. Thanks! It was really an amazing experience!

Yoga Instructor Graduate Mallory Fleming

I came to All Yoga to deepen and develop my own practice. I felt I came out of this training stronger and more confident in my yoga journey. I enjoyed the variety, knowledge and passion the teachers put into our training. I didn't think I would feel confident to teach, but I'm excited to go home and share what I have learned. Most importantly, I came away knowing myself, my true self, my higher self. Thank you All Yoga!

Yoga Instructor Graduate Jenny Porter

I came to All Yoga not actually really knowing what Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga was. After the first practice I thought to myself, " What in the world did I get myself into?" All Yoga training took me down to the bare bones of my yoga practice and my internal struggles, from there I had the opportunity to rebuild myself back up. Training was hard and it wasn't what I thought I wanted, but it was EXACTLY what I needed in order to grow. Thanks!